Financial Aid Payments

Financial Aid Payment Modification Information
As a courtesy to our tenants who rely on financial to pay for housing, we offer the option of modifying your payment schedule to (partially) coincide with your FinAid disbursements. We are not affiliated with UNH in any way and UNH will not pay us directly. You must carefully follow the instructions below to qualify for this special payment arrangement.

Here is the complete process:

  1. As with all other students, you must still pay your $450 security deposit at lease signing.

  2. Between now and March 1, 2021 – use the form at the bottom of this page to submit proof of financial aid that COVERS HOUSING*. We realize you may not have financial aid awards showing for the new year yet, but we accept the current year’s information as long as you feel certain you will get similar benefits for the new year.

  3. As with all other students, you must pay a full month’s rent by May 1, 2021. This serves as an advanced payment on your LAST month’s rent (May 2022).

  4. The 11 months remaining will be billed in 2 equal payments: one payment on October 1, 2021 and the 2nd payment on Feb 1, 2022. For example, if your remaining rent due for 11 months is $10,000, you will pay $5000 on Oct 1 and $5000 on Feb 1. Then you are done!

    *Submit proof of financial aid coverage: In order to show us proof of your financial aid status, you will need to access your billing account on Blackboard. Download a copy of ‘Account Summary By Term’ and then upload it to us when you fill in the form at the bottom of this page. This information is used to determine the full amount of funds available to you for housing needs, and allows us to evaluate whether all or a portion of your rent will be covered.

    Once your information has been received by our Leasing Office, you will be sent a ‘Payment Modification Addendum’ to sign electronically which will outline your new payment amount and due dates for the entire term of your lease.

    Should your financial aid / loan status change from one school year to the next, simply submit new billing information or guarantee letter to our leasing office to receive a new payment arrangement.

    Any questions regarding rental payments should be directed to University Downtown’s General Manager who an answer all of your questions and guide you through the process. or by phone at 603-868-9898.

Financial Aid Pmt Plan Application

  • Drop files here or
    Please log in to Blackboard and download and get documents showing proof of this year OR last year's financial aid approvals. Must show housing allowance.